Saturday, February 18, 2012


So after two more trips to the hospital to get fluids, my doctors decided it was time for a feeding tube. I haven't been able to keep water or food down for over a week, so we are hoping it will give me energy to keep going! They were able to do an ultrasound a little baby is doing great. She (I'm positive it's going to be a girl) is just taking whatever she needs from me, and I'm so grateful for that! Now we just have to make sure she still has enough to take hence the feeding tube. So I'm going to write what it was like to have the tube placed...if you get grossed out easy I'd skip over this part. Basically it was the worst experience of my life. They take a couple feet of tubing and stuff it down your nose through your throat and all the way into your intestines. Let's just say I was choking and coughing up blood/vomit for ten excruciatingly long minutes. I don't recommend it to anyone, but if it is what keeps me and baby kicking, I was willing to do it! So now home health has come by and set my pump up, and I'm getting some mush through my tube that will hopefully perk me up within the next few days. I never realized before how much I took for granted being healthy. I would seriously give anything to be able to go for a run or a swim or even be able to drink a big glass of ice water! At least this is not a permanent thing. I have to try and keep perspective so I don't get too depressed. Thank you so much for all of the prayers! I truly think that has made all of the difference!


  1. Brooke!!!

    Congrats on the baby! I know she ;) will beautiful! Will keep you in my prayers, stay strong!

    <3 Trina

  2. How lucky that little peanut is to have a mommy like you. You and Seth are going to be wonderful parents - I can only pray that I never have to endure a feeding tube, it sounds awful. Here's to a quick 7 more months!

  3. BROOKE!!! I am soo sorry to hear that things are so tough for you! You can get through this girl! I'll keep you in my prayers. Love you girl! You can make it!!!
    -Christine Hanamura