Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm trying again...

So I gave up on blogging pretty much right after I started because I got too frustrated with it. However, everyone assures me that it's not THAT hard. So with a bruised ego I start again! There is no way I could possibly catch everyone up on everything that has happened, but here is a condensed version. We got married in South Carolina in June and it was seriously so fun! Our families were so awesome, and I couldn't have asked for more! Then, we went on our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic where we stayed at unreal resort for 5 days. After we got home and got everything settled we began our life as newlyweds. Which of course included lots of lovin' time and a little fighting over dumb things like what toothpaste to buy and how to organize the kitchen...ok most of those fights involved me telling seth it needed to be a certain way and him laughing and giving me my way, but anyways it's been awesome. I feel so lucky to have a guy that loves everything about me, even my bratty moments :) Oh, and I got into BYU's nursing program! It's been intense, but I love it and love the new friends I've made. We also played co-ed softball with Amber and Tyler and some friends, and don't worry we won the CHAMPIONSHIP! Oh yeah, be jealous. Anyways, I'll try to be better about doing this, but no promises!

Us at the circus with Whitney and Jace!

at the beach on our honeymoon. oh i miss it!