Saturday, April 30, 2011

At last...

This post will probably cause some of you, ok most of you, to think I am a complete nerd. But something monumental happened to me this past week. Monumental mainly because it remained so elusive the past three years. Let me introduce you to my arch enemy-the A-. In South Carolina there was no such thing as an A-. The grades were simply A:93-100, B:85-92, C:79-84, D:70-78, and F:anything below 70. But after coming to BYU I was quickly introduced to a grading system which does not allow you to take pride in earning a 93, but instead puts a minus at the end of your A, denoting that you were almost great, but didn't quite make the mark. Minus. Negative connotation. So in my mind an A- equals failure. Despite my intense aversion to the said grade, I nonetheless ALWAYS seemed to make one. I would work so hard to get the 4.0, but no, the A- would creep in there and knock it to a 3.93. So frustrating! But, at last, I have conquered my foe. This semester Brooke Makell Gibbons Merrill reigned victorious. Straight A's. Take that A-.
P.S. Please note that there is no such thing as an A+ at BYU. Discrimination? I think so.
P.P.S. Nursing school is even more ridiculous and awards anything below a 95 with a minus sign. Not cool.


  1. You are amazing. A freakin' 4.0 in nursing school?!?!? Consider this my high five and pat on the back to you. Well done girl!

  2. I am so proud of you! And agree completely! Love you, honey.