Monday, January 24, 2011

Vegas Trip

So picture this. Seth and I sleeping in late, him watching a game, me reading something from my loads of nursing homework. I look out the window at all the freezing snow, and I have an epiphany. I look over at Seth and tell him I have a great idea. Usually it turns out that after rational thought and planning my wonderful ideas end up being wonderfully unrealistic. But of course that doesn't stop me from sharing my idea. I tell Seth that I'm cold and bored, and I want to just throw some stuff in a bag and drive somewhere warmer. He laughs for a while until he realizes I'm serious. This time, however, he goes along with my scheme and I'm getting excited. He starts looking up hotels and I tell him we don't have time for that we need to start out adventure right away. So we pack some stuff, grab some music, jump in the car, and go. We ended up in Vegas that night...with no idea where to stay. I get another grand idea and we pull up to a McDonald's (free wi-fi) and pull out my laptop and start looking for a hotel. Well, let's just say we hit the jackpot. We saw a really good deal at the Palms Casino for 2 nights, free dinner, and 2 passes to the spa. So we buy them, and navigate ourselves to the hotel where we are pleasantly surprised with a free upgrade to a suite. Our room was AWESOME. Our dinner was AWESOME. Our shopping was AWESOME. Basically, our trip was awesome. Plus, we got to see one of my best friends, Kylie and her cute husband Jason while we were there. It was such a fun trip, and best of all, it was seventy degrees! Needless to say we were sad to come home, but we were so glad we got to take a little trip just the two of us. Here are some pictures of our room and our trip.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Bobby would be so jealous - he loves Vegas! :)


  2. Home sweet home!!! there' s no place like Vegas!!! Glad you two had a wonderful time :)) I love and miss my sweet Vegas and family there

  3. I forgot you had a blog cute girl!! Oh how I wish I could go on a trip to Vegas, or ANYWHERE. 2 little babies keep us busy! Can't wait to see you when we visit Utah this summer :)