Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paisley's Story

Dear Paisley, You were supposed to arrive on September 17th, and because Mommy is an obsessive planner and was going to be in school, I had it all worked out to get as much school in as possible before you were born. But September 17th came and went, and you were still inside my very large tummy! Because I was not dilated AT ALL, the doctor said he would not induce me until the 26th. I may or may not have cried in the office when he told me that. Your GiGi was already out here to help me when you were born, and she was supposed to leave on the 28th. So, Mommy kept on going to school, and we changed GiGi's flight for a week later. I tried everything to get you to come, including jumping on a trampoline (not a good idea for a weak bladder). But you were just taking your sweet time! On Sunday night, the 23rd, Mommy's contractions were getting pretty intense and very close together. We went to the hospital and I was still not dilated at all. They decided to monitor me for a few hours because your heart rate went down a little. While they were monitoring, I had a really horrible contraction that caused my water to break. I was so excited because that meant that they had to keep me and I would get to see you soon! They checked me in, and I told them I wanted my epidural right away because my contractions were really painful. They got that in pretty easily, and I started to feel really good and was excited to get some sleep! However, about two hours later, I started hurting pretty badly. Pretty soon, I was in a lot of pain. The anesthesiologist gave me a few more doses, but nothing was helping. It got so bad that we decided to take the epidural out and try a new one. The new one worked for about an hour, and then Mommy was in some of the worst pain of her life. You were so far down that the nurse told me you would be crowning if I were fully dilated...which I was not. I was at a five at that point, and I was kind of losing my mind from all the pain I was in. They did not know why I was feeling everything, and they told me they could not give me any more medicine. Luckily your dad was there to try and keep me calm. After about 20 hours, I was finally at an 8. I was excited because I thought you would be coming soon. However, four hours later, and I was stuck at an 8 with no progress and your heart started to decelerate. The doctor came in and told me I would need a C-section. I was really scared, but at the same time just so ready to get you out and be done with the pain. They finally gave me some other medicine to numb me up (which I don't know why I couldn't have had that earlier), and they wheeled me back to the OR. Within a few minutes I heard the most precious cry I have ever heard. Immediately I was in tears of happiness knowing that my little miracle baby was finally here. It was a few minutes before I could see you, and hours before I could hold you, but when I did see your beautiful face I knew that all of the hard times throughout my pregnancy were more than worth it. I have never felt such intense and instant love in my life, and that love as only continued to grow each day. I am so glad to have you in my life, Paisley. You are my greatest blessing, and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for allowing me to be your Mommy. I love you always and forever. xoxo Mommy


  1. Oh Brooke. She is beautiful. SO happy for you and Seth. Being a mommy changes your world. Love you guys!!!!

  2. She is so beautiful, Brooke!! I am so happy for you guys!!

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